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Somewhere around here...
Characters Played

Alain deVahl - Winter Fairest Snowskin changeling.
River "Decima" Bright - Acanthus Silver Ladder mage.
Accipiter - Obrimos Guardian of the Veil mage.
Micaela Fianze - Mob-connected mortal.
Sierra Roen - Irraka Bone Shadow.

Player Survey
  • Player Name/Nickname:
    • Pax (she/her)
  • Character name(s) and Character pronouns:
  • Experiences or topics I'd like to engage:
    • High-stakes plot.
    • Character growth.
    • Hapless humor.
    • Subterfuge.
    • Civil Society, High Society, Government, legal dynamics, group power dynamics (this gang vs that gang, this organization vs that organization).
    • Social Maneuvering and Investigation systems.
    • Rivalries (with good OOC rapport and communication, of course; don't pick a fight without discussing it with me, as that represses my charitable instincts).
    • Solving mysteries.
    • Getting in fights.
  • You can make me feel included by:
    • Hitting me up.
  • Other Notes:
    • I am a little old-school and take umbrage to excessive metaposing and dual-wielding. Please avoid the former and ask about the latter if we're in a scene.
    • I chronically don't log scenes unless I am ST-ing them, but you always have my permission to do so.