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  • Name: Jacqueline/Jack/Jaqs/Werewife - she/her pronouns
  • My Characters: Dawn Buchanan (She/Her) | Sturm (She/Her) | Leta Abbott (She/Her) | Rieko Sato (she/her)
  • Content warnings required or triggers to avoid in RP:
    • 1. Homophobic/Transphobic violence - esp Conversion Therapy and shit like that.
    • 2. Child Abuse
    • 3. Implied Sexual Assault (Can deal with this as a backstory component, but I'd rather not have an in-depth/explicit discussion about it at any point and any scene involving it is a HARD NO)
  • Experiences or topics I'd like to engage:
    • 1. Found Family
    • 2. Feeding bigots a knuckle sandwich (or 12!)
    • 4. Giving a shit about people
    • 5. Redemption Arcs (Mine, or yours!)
    • 6. Happy Queer Stuff
    • 7. Trans Characters Loving Themselves
  • Experiences or topics I want to avoid
    • Heartbreaking Queer Shit That Does Not Have a Positive Resolution.
    • Being Talked Down To/Treated Poorly ICly without OOC communication about this fact. It will shoot my fuckin' anxiety in the face.
  • You can make me feel included as a player by:
    • 1. Telling me that you like my characters/me as a player.
    • 2. Inviting me to scenes directly (it's easy for me to see a blanket request and go "oh that's not for me")
    • 3. Talking to me about how our characters feel about one another OOCly. I like swapping that type of information because it makes it easier for me to interpret characters' actions from text. (No, I will not use this information ICly without your express consent/a discussed reason about why one of my characters would know it.)