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Cadres of the Martyr's Tree
 Martyr's Tree is a centuries old consilium with a long and rich history. Its ruling cadre, the Council of the Wise, has existed since the inception of the present consilium. Its power and Harmony is maintained through the practice of renaming; councilors elected to their positions cast off the identity and trappings of their shadow name and adopt that of the councilor they are replacing. It has been this way for centuries, save for one name. Gaveston. That name alone was permitted to fall out of favor, replaced by the name Penance. Since Gaveston's retirement in the late 18th century, Penance has been the name of the Hierarch and first among equals within the Council of the Wise.

 Accordingly, there is a longstanding tradition of cadres forming along mystical lines, adopting Shadow Names and personas that compliment one another to bring greater power and Harmony to the workings of the Cadre in question. Historically, cadres have formed around the seasons of the world, around the Zodiac, around the names of the areas rivers, on the alchemical elements, the humours of ancient physik, and so on. Cadres that form without express mystical intention are not unheard of, but are often viewed cynically by the more classically minded members of the consilium, and most especially by the members of the Lodge of the Unnamed Nation for whom such mystical cadres take on nigh religious importance.

 The cadre is the family of the magus. Those who have their back when Nemesis is invoked, who support their studies and experiments when only frustration is to be found. Those who provide safety and security during desperate and uncertain times. But it is also a mystical tool in its own right, a key to unlocking the mysteries of the Supernal here in the fallen world. To be a Solitaire is to walk without such supports, awash in a sea of possibility, floating in a boat of one's own hubris.

 Or so the Diamond assures you.

Cadre Recruitment
 Acanthus, Mastigos, Moros, Obrimos, Thyrsus; the five paths form the sum of Supernal truth that's readily accessible by the denizens of the Fallen world. Scions of these paths are encouraged to leave their names here if they're in search of a cadre of their own.
Active Cadres
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