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This is not an exhaustive list of Shadow Realm locations, but these are known to the local Uratha population. Also, please refer to the Material locations as well.

This sphere is under active development; your patience is appreciated.

Note: You may visit any of these ICly without an ST except Shoals and Wounds.

This is not an exhaustive list of the loci in or around Philadelphia (to say nothing of the greater Delaware Valley), but it constitutes a representation of Loci that a local pack or Uratha could reasonably occupy and maintain. Loci can and will be added to this list, and player characters are encouraged to claim them, to originate their own, and to use Resonance shaping abilities.
  • Cresheim Creek
    • Resonance: Nature
    • Rating: ••••
  • Under the Courthouse claimed by The Watchdogs
    • Resonance: Authority
    • Rating: •••
  • Apartment next to Reading Terminal Market
    • Resonance: Community
    • Rating: ••
  • Maintenance floor at the Philadelphia Manufacturing Complex
    • Resonance: Industry
    • Rating: •••
  • Empty office in City Hall
    • Resonance: Corruption
    • Rating: •••
  • Penthouse in City Center
    • Resonance: Greed
    • Rating: •••
  • Basement of Philadelphia Public Library
    • Resonance: Information
    • Rating: •••

The zone of influence that corresponds to Locus Rating has the Open Condition for its corresponding resonance. The locus generates three times its level in Essence on the Hisil side per day that matches the resonance of the locus.Uratha may use a locus to Reach with a +2 bonus, though other circumstantial modifiers may apply.

Spirits of matching resonance: heal Corpus at twice the rate, and gain +2 to attempt to cross the Gauntlet; can use their powers across the Gauntlet in the zone of influence without the Reaching Manifestation; and may conceal themselves in a way that prevents them from taking action but makes them impossible to perceive without supernatural powers that reveal spirits (even to Uratha in the Hisil).

  • Whispering Benches in Fairmount Park
  • ENIAC exhibit at the Moore School Building of UPenn School of Engineering and Applied Science
  • Floor 58 of One Liberty Place
  • The Moon Tree in Washington Square Park
  • Baleroy Mansion in Chestnut Hill
  • The basement of a grocery store at Passyunk Avenue and Reed Street
  • Cave of Kelpius
  • Rumored Places-That-Aren't that have no Material corollary, and must be entered via hidden routes.

Werewolf the Forsaken page 75 for more.

Note: These are all open plot hooks that you can be proactive on once the madness of Launch has died down. But you may submit a Ticket if you are interested in running a PRP for one of these locations at any time.
Leaving a shoal requires a successful Resolve + Composure roll, with each failure incurring -1 on future attempts. Upon Dramatic Failure, a character must be physically forced out by others in order to leave.
Rolls to avoid Kuruth incur a -2 penalty, and all injuries are worsened by one point of Health.
  • Eastern State Penitentiary
  • The USS Ticonderoga, a decommissioned warship docked at Navy Yard
Gifts, rites, Numina, Manifestations, and other powers requiring Essence incur a -3 penalty.
Fighting in a glade requires a successful Resolve roll, and all violent actions (including entering Gauru) incur a -2 penalty.