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This is not an exhaustive list of Forsaken-relevant locations, but these are certainly some of the most trafficked. Also, please refer to the Hisil locations as well.


There are several Turs around the city and surrounding area. Before the The Wounding of Bancroft, they were casual formalities. Since, they've become more designated safe places.

Law of Tur

The rules standard to every Tur in the city are as defined below and apply to every Forsaken, Wolf-Blooded, supernatural or mortal packmates.

  • Violence is prohibited.
  • The actions of a guest are the personal responsibility of whomsoever invited them.
  • Violation of the Oath or the laws of Tur are met with swift and indiscriminate retribution.


Amadeus Lounge

Amadeus Lounge is owned and operated by the new money, ex-pat Uratha Ianto Thomas and represents an early gamble and eager investment into the local community in a calculated effort to put down roots when Ianto first immigrated to Philadelphia in 2005.

It worked, and the proprietor has spared little expense in furnishings and amenities. It has Wi-fi, strong booze, private rooms, and plenty of dressed-up raw meat dishes on the menu, and occasionally the premises will be closed for a People-only "private event".


Yakaon House

The Yakaon House is the, in essential terms, the Philadelphia wolves' inheritance bequeathed by Tkuaxwe, or He Who Walks Slowly, a Lenape Elodoth of the late 19th century who acted as a community organizer, first, and later as an older brother figure to many young firebrands who resisted the influence and resonances of the Second Industrial Revolution at the turn of the 20th century, when textile and steel mills, automotive and chemical plants dominated the skyline with smokestacks and exploited the working poor.

While his descendants still maintain legal ownership of Yakaon House, Tkuaxwe's wishes dictated that it be a place of public service to the Philadelphia Forsaken, and a hot shower and a fresh bed has always been provided to any of the People that should have need of it.


Frankford Avenue Bridge

The smallest Tur location and the only one that is also a glade, this bridge has served as clandestine and safe place to meet for the Uratha for centuries.

It's rumored that the Frankford Avenue Bridge was one of the original meeting places involved in brokering the first armistice that pre-dated the Charter of the People's Delaware Valley Protectorate, and it's not uncommon for young wolves to regard it with an extra bit of reverence, despite how small and non-descript it is.

Fighting in a glade requires a successful Resolve roll, and all violent actions (including entering Gauru) incur a -2 penalty. If the roll to enter Gauru while in Death Rage fails, the Death Rage immediately ends.

Other Places

There are non-Tur locations around Philadelphia that are also often frequented by the People.


The Canals

Sometimes, a rendezvous is best taken as a walking meeting, and the Canals are perfect for that, which is not to say that you won't occasionally see someone or someones loitering underneath its arches or alongside one of its narrow waterways.

While relatively pleasant during the day, at night, some segments are quite poorly lit, particularly those further from city center, and in the dark it's easy to remember that it's rumored there are troves of strange bones buried underneath the rubble used to fill the parts of the canal that have been closed.


Graffiti Pier

Once a coal loading dock on the banks of central Delaware River, the aptly named Graffiti Pier has been a take-all-comers spraypaint canvas for nearly two decades since the doc was decommissioned and the pier officially closed, and local police attempts to make trespassing there illegal be damned. It doesn't stop the dedicated tag artists from leaving their mark, nor is it enough to deter local Uratha from using the eroding concrete quay as a place to congregate, though subtlety is advised.

Tribe Territories

The Tribes each maintain their own designated areas that, while not off-limits to others in the strictest sense, are best entered only with an escort of the respective Tribe. This is not an exhaustive list.

Blood Talons

The Proving Fields

  • About a half-hour west of the city proper, the Proving Fields are a secluded bit of land that is impossible to navigate without having been led there by a Blood Talon. A relatively small cabin of essentials provides shelter and amenities, but the Blood Talons don't come here for a sit-in. The Proving Fields themselves are a cut of rocky forest slashed by streams with several clearings and meadows, ideal for tests of skill (read: sparring) and combat games. Other Tribe members are permitted so long as they bring no quarrel.

Bone Shadows

Penumbra Hall

  • There is no material path to the Penumbra Hall but through concrete and steel. The only way to get there is to travel through the Hisil, and out again through the Hall's Loci. Underground and cavernous, the Penumbra Hall is half mystical enclave and half library, and from chambers in the back, the echo of howled rite songs can be heard. Other Tribe members are permitted here provided they have been introduced at the Hall by another Bone Shadow, and bring no ill will, and disrupt no proceedings.

Hunters in Darkness

The Devil's Playground

  • The front is all boarded up with cheap plywood, and mortal eyes slip right past it. But a Hunter in Darkness knows the boltholes and the loose panels, and up the many staircases and a hatch that leads to the roof, there's a rooftop terrace with ample coverage enough that those on the rooftop can see out, but those outside it cannot see in. It is spartan, but by no means neglected, and how many different ways one has mad their way up to the rooftop is the source of some proud boasting and playful ribbing between Hunters. And while "The Devil's Playground" is a reference to the meeting spot itself, it also refers to the skyline of rooftops themselves, where Hunters play. It is often from here that many of the Hunters in Darkness will begin their hunts, sprinting across rooftops and prowling from the high shadows. There aren't any hard and fast rules about other Tribes not being allowed there, but act out and they'll know.

Iron Masters

Halcyon Labs, LLC

  • It's not certain exactly what Halcyon Labs, LLC does -- a little of this, a little of that, to be sure -- but what is certain is that it's a rather busy place, with bodies coming and going at frequent hours. All the trappings of a modern office without the bosses, save when the Elder is about, this Iron Master stronghold in plain sight, and the office windows face City Hall.

Storm Lords

The Ice Garden

  • Nestled in the rocky cliffside of a jagged sierra in the Valley Forge area, a carved cavern boasts a simple antechamber and a stone assembly hall, as well as a few other small rooms to the side. Alcoves have been chiseled into the walls and large, raw pieces of ice glow with an unearthly blue light, joining faint candlelight from it's-hard-to-tell-where. A room with glass walls hangs suspended in the air, that private counsel with the Tribe Elder might be private, but who they meet with is always for all Iminir to see.

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