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 Thyrsus travel the distance between flesh and ephemera. Spirit and beast alike are their purview, and when not climbing the World Tree, they travel in Shadow, rule spirits and animals alike, and commune with the pulsing heartbeat of a primal, living world. Call them Shamans when, for the sake of humanity, they seek out truths and experiences and return them like precious treasures to share. Where they pursue the simple truths of being and revel in the moment of sensual-- not necessarily carnal --experience, call them Ecstatics.

Supernal Realm: Primal Wild
Watchtower: The Stone Book
Path: Path to the Primal Wild, Supernal Realm of Spirit and Life, and abode of Beasts
Followers: Shaman & Ecstatic
Ruling Arcana: Life & Spirit
Inferior Arcana: Mind

Active Thyrsus
Active Thyrsus NPCs