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Vorpal, Ranger of the Thorns
By reputation, the individual known as Vorpal is worrisome. From one account to the other, he's been described as everything from "concerningly Wyrd" to "just this side of Them." The stories mainly revolve around impossible feats of agility and bladework, inhuman features like razored fingers and missing eyes, and an overwhelmingly Wyrd presence outright tangible to those nearby.

The reality of the man is significantly less (immediately) frightening.

While his Autumn mantle is of impressive stature, his Wyrd is nothing like the worst of the stories told about him. He doesn't appear nearly so alien and detached, either. Perhaps they're exaggerated. Or, perhaps- it's not impossible, with years of effort and a dedicated Motley in support- to drag oneself back from the brink of madness, and reclaim some measure of one's humanity.

Watching him fight, though...

The stories sound less and less like exaggeration.

To outsiders, Johnathan Drexel looks like a skinny fellow with an unfortunate addiction to scarification. He's covered in the thin, delicate whorls and swirls, leaving the already pale fellow with the dark hair looking a bit more strange than usual. He favors dark hooded shirts, denim pants, and black leather jackets and coats, as if someone gave life to some teenage edgelord's identity fantasies.

To the Lost, his eyes vanish almost entirely into black pools of shadow, and the sharp features he bear cast similar pitch patches across his body, leaving him looking almost like a black and white comic character. His shadow itself doesn't obey his movements, and shifts about, reflecting the drift of his subconscious instead of the movement of his form.

Vorpal's mantle is imposing. Shadows near him darken to pitch, his mantle filling them with the almost-sounds of distant whispers, skittering creatures, and sharpening blades. Autumnal leaves at their finest swirl past along the ground- surely just brought in by a recent entry to the room, and gone when you look again- and the quiet surety that the doors nearby go Someplace Else.

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Direct Action

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RP Hooks
  • Hunter - Once calling himself the God of the Hunt, Vorpal has left that behind him- but not the hunt, itself. Have something in need of his attention? He's not picky, and rumor has it he is very, very good at going places he shouldn't.
  • High Wyrd - Does all that Wyrd concern you? Maybe you should bring it up.
  • Autumn - He knows many things about many strange, strange places, and how to get to most of them. Need a guide?

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Full Name: Vorpal, AKA "Johnathan Drexel"
Occupation: Body Artist
Nationality: American
Height: 6'0"
Seeming: Elemental
Kith: Helldiver
Court: Autumn Dot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot-filled.png
Position: Ranger of the Thorns
Motley: Direct Action

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Played By: Vorpal